Happy 1st Anniversary!

April 17, 2013
Happy 1st Anniversary

Yesterday was my blog’s first anniversary. How time flies!
(I hope you don’t mind me talking a little about its one year of existence.)

It started out as a website, with an intention to plant my name in the (online) Philippine design industry as an interior designer. It was going to be an online portfolio, and build myself credibility through blogging about interior design.

Then I took the board exam and passed, and knew it was time to gain experience by working for a design firm. BZ and I had just gotten back from Australia when our whole life turned on its head, and all of a sudden, the decision had been made that we would no longer live in the Philippines.

With that in mind, I decided to redesign the whole concept of my (then) website and make it more suitable for a personal blog. (BZ works with websites and the like, so all I had to do was design it with Photoshop and he had a skilled programmer make it into what it is now.) It had slowly turned into a more personal blog over time, and as I will continue posting about interior design, that’s what it has become—a personal blog.

I can’t wait to take you with me to all the new places I’ll see. Expect to see a lot of Andorra, a little of Spain and France, and although we’ve talked about making short stops to other countries nearby, I don’t want to mention them until they’re a hundred percent sure. And then, picture perfect Perth. (We have no idea for how long exactly. One thing we know to be true is that nothing can ever be a hundred percent sure. Life is full of surprises!)

Prior to the incident that turned our life upside down, I’d planned to finally establish myself in a place (Manila). To become a designer, one has to be established, and knowing that, for me, that may not happen any time soon, I see to learn as much as I can while I’m still in the air. Who knows, maybe through short courses?

I’m most excited about writing about new experiences and sharing what I’ve learned—from life lessons to creative skills. Also, I’m excited to finally have some normalcy in my life again. Is it strange that I miss having a daily routine?

Twenty four days to go (and counting), and BZ and I will be flying to Europe to end a chapter in our life (yes, life, not lives), and start a whole new one (an adventurous and exciting one at that!).

Cheers to the adventure ahead!

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