An Update: A Whole New World

November 27, 2012

A Whole New World

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How was your weekend? Mine was amazing!

Last week, I spent three days completing my confined water dives to earn a license in [open water scuba] diving. And last weekend, for the very first time, I experienced what it was like to dive twelve meters deep in open water in Subic.

For someone who is claustrophobic, it was a fear I had to face. What I found the most challenging was to flood my mask with water and then to clear it exhaling with my nose. Switching from inhaling and exhaling with my mouth (through a regulator) to exhaling with my nose was traumatic! But it just needed getting used to, and once I overcame that obstacle, I could finally just take in the beauty of the world underwater.

The whole experience was a “present” from my boyfriend for “passing the board exam,” although everything was booked way before I received the life-changing news!

Alas, I could only do a maximum of three dives a day, and by 1:00 PM (Saturday), I had already done so. We couldn’t dive the following day because we had to leave early morning to attend my oath taking in Manila. So instead, I sunbathed on the boat while Brad and two other friends did their last dive of the day.

And, of course, captured some photos:

Scuba Diving in Subic 1

Scuba Diving in Subic 2

I have only completed 3/4 of my open water dives, but it’s not such a bad thing. It only means we need to make another diving trip so that I can complete the course! 😀

And I’m extremely excited for it!

Scuba diving to me is therapeutic. It is so relaxing. You can’t talk to your buddies, and so you’re forced to be present; you forget about the past, you don’t worry about the future. It lets you take in every detail you see and experience underwater, and just be. And even when you get up the boat from diving, you remain relaxed and calm, in awe of the underworld. It is beautiful.

It has truly inspired me. Expect to see posts during the week inspired by the underwater.

I wish you all an amazing and productive week!

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