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Heya, I’m Jen!

I write about Interior Design — my life’s biggest passion. 
I assume you share the mutual interest, and I’m glad you’re here!

You’ve probably found your way here through my most popular article on How to Write a Design Rationale. I hope you found it helpful. I’ve written an eBook on the subject which you can download and read, all for free, when you subscribe to my email list.

I believe Interior Design, when done right, can improve people’s lives dramatically. I’ve always known about the effects color has on us, and I’ve always had a hunch it extended way beyond just the sense of sight. Turns out I was right!

I’ve recently stumbled upon a particular niche in the field of design that I’d never heard of before: Neurodesign. It combines Interior Design with neuroscience and it explores how our environment affects how we feel in a space, which believe it or not, affects our health, too.

As I study the subject, I’ll be sharing what I learn — not just through mere information but also through practical guides so you can apply the lessons to your own place and space.

I’d love for you to join me through my study. ♥

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    Thank God for a wonderful site you offered to us
    so elegant, neat, simply beautiful and very inspiring

    God bless you more

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