Barcelona 2015

February 19, 2015

So a week ago, I flew to Barcelona to spend some time with BZ again. We actually spent my first four days over in Andorra, which is a 3-hour drive from Barcelona, but made our way back down two days ago, and have two more days together before I fly back home to Bergen. Being just a few hours’ flight away from each other, and on the same timezone, has made everything much easier for us.

I have absolutely no idea where I’ll eventually settle down. You see yesterday, I had an interview with one of the best design studios here in Barcelona, all thanks to one of BZ’s colleagues. An opportunity to gain my very first taste in the design industry seemed very promising. I let them know though, that I will have another interview in London(!) on Monday, something which popped up a few days after I knew about the interview here in Barcelona. I was completely over the moon!

All of a sudden, life’s taking on a whole new direction once again and all I can do is to cherish every new moment I’m about to experience. These are big moments of change for me, yet again, and I know better now that life can take on a sudden course. Life is really full of surprises! Luckily for me, they’ve been good ones lately.

So about London, my mom will be coming with me! We’ll only be staying for a night, but I’ll have enough time to show her around the few places I came to fall in love with the first and only time I was there. I was so excited when I found out where in all of London I’d have the interview—just two blocks away from where we spent most of our time in West End.

To be able to show my mom the Big Ben and the London Eye and have her taste the impeccable food of The Real Greek and the cool atmosphere of Gordon’s Wine Bar and have her taste the best cupcake I’ve ever had—that is what I’m most excited about! We might even squeeze in a theatre show on the very day we arrive. What makes me so excited about the two-day stay in London is getting to show my mom all the places I loved. And I’m so grateful that they’re all just a walk away!

Anyway, I’m still in Barcelona, and BZ and I are about to head out for a few drinks before we decide where to have dinner. I must say, I have missed the whole big city scene. I love the crowd and the busyness of this place. And mostly how everything is so much less expensive than in Norway! Barcelona is full of amazing food as well. Most importantly, the weather has been wonderful—talk about 12-14℃ during the day. Oh how I’ve missed the sun!

Have a wonderful Thursday evening you guys! ♥


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