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September 4, 2014

Good morning! ♥ It’s just before 7am over in Bergen, and I’m lying in bed, on newly changed sheets. The window is open and I can hear cars rushing through the highway down by. The air is cold this morning. Thank goodness I have a scarf. I’ll be walking to work in 40 minutes, and today is going to be intense: I’ll be working a total of thirteen hours today. The first eight hours are going to be enjoyable as I’ll be spending the day looking after toddlers. The last five, however, I’ll have to rush into (thankfully halfway home), mopping dirty classroom floors. I’m not complaining; I prefer being busy like this.

I wish I had gotten this new theme, though, when I had nothing to do other than chores to fill up my days with activity. Do you like this new theme so far? I really love how the photos are so huge! (I still have lots of tinkering to do!) It makes me want to get into photography again. I really regret not brining my SLR! I’ve been relying on my phone’s camera these past months, you see. The quality may not be the best, but it beats having to wear a heavy camera around my neck. I can’t wait to go on photography-walks to show you the beauty of Bergen!

I admit this blog has faltered with interior design. I intend to pick it up again. While mopping, I’ve been fantasizing about how I’d like my dream home to be—the layout, indoor pocket gardens, natural stone and wood, an open living plan, high beamed-ceilings—and it has made me really miss browsing through interiors.

I feel a little guilty taking a pause interior-design-job-hunting. But after over three years after graduating, I just itched to earn. I’ll be staying here until the end of the year, so I hope every week up until then will be filled with work. BZ will be coming to celebrate the December holidays with my family and I. It will sort of be like him bringing me home after four months. *blush*

We will be meeting up midway through the holidays, though, and I’m obviously really, really looking forward to that! It’s almost sure we’ll be seeing each other for his birthday. Knowing I’ll be able to afford a really nice birthday present for him then, makes all the mopping and the toddler-watching worth it. (Actually, the toddler-watching, I don’t mind at all, haha!)

So I better get ready to go! I wish you all a wonderful Thursday! And to those in Asia and Australia, I hope you’ve all had a great day so far! ♥

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