Tutorial: Classy Day MakeUp

April 24, 2013


HI THERE! Here’s a makeup tutorial for you. It’s been quite a while since I last did one. BZ doesn’t really like makeup on me, says I’m more beautiful without (naww). So I haven’t really been wearing much makeup since I met him, which turned out to be such a good treat for my skin.

I don’t like taking long when prepping up, so I’ve become an expert at 5-minute makeup sessions. I always prioritize the eyes, which I believe make it or break it. So all you need for this 5-minute (depends on how experienced you are) classy day make-up tutorial will be:

  • foundation
  • face powder
  • eyebrow powder set + brush
  • eyeliner
  • curler + mascara
  • nude lipstick

Step 1

Always start with a clean face. *Moisturize if your skin normally gets dry, which is common in cold weather.

Step 2

I normally don’t wear foundation. I save it for special occasions, really. But if you can’t do without, go ahead! When I do wear foundation, after applying it with a brush, I like massaging it in with my finger tips for a more natural look.

Step 3

Always top off foundation with powder. That sets the foundation, which means it will stay longer. It normally looks strange at first, but makeup always needs time to completely set before you see the final results.

Step 4

Now, onto the brows and lids — my favorite! I use the eyebrow shadow for my lids as well, I love multipurpose makeup! Yes, I use the same brush, too (when traveling). For a detailed brow makeup tutorial with brow shadow (the technique I always use), please see: How to Enhance Eyebrows with Shadow.

As for the lids, cover all of your lids with the (brown) shade of your choice, and your lower lid as well (as shown on the last photo above).

Step 5

Lining your eyes perfectly takes a lot of practice and a steady hand. Practice is key, ladies. For my eye shape, I love lining just half the lid, over and under. I find it more sexy (rawr)!

Step 6

Mascara’s the perfect finishing touch to eye makeup. (Skip the falsies—the more natural, the classier!)

Step 7

Yes, skip the blush! — Or actually, that’s optional. I would’ve dusted some blush on if I had remembered to bring it to HK. But as you see, blush isn’t a must! Just smack on some nude lipstick, and you’re good to go!

{TIP: Smudge lipstick on your middle fingertip and following the contour of your lips, apply it from the center and sideways, both sides. Then, press your lips together to spread it out evenly.}


That’s it! If you don’t capture every step, like I did, it should take approximately 5 minutes, which it always does for me. When I skip the foundation and powder, it takes even less.

I love going au naturel on a daily basis, but this is perfect on special days. ♡

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    Thank you for the guidelines, especially on the eyebrows part!!

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