Commitments, Commitments

May 2, 2013


In a recent post by Goins, he wrote about the three levels of commitment. As I read through the article, I couldn’t help but reflect on the plans that BZ and I have for this year.

The first level of commitment, he calls an adventure. It’s when you try out something totally new for the first time. “This type of commitment,” he says, “is only healthy for a season.” An adventurous commitment is committing to stepping out of your comfort zone and taking that first wild step.

Leaving the Philippines to live in Andorra for a few months will definitely be a HUGE adventure for us. It’s new, it’s exciting. But to be on the go for months, not having a true home, will be unsettling.

The second level of commitment, he calls a season. “You plant seeds and stick around long enough to see them grow. You camp out at a job or under a revival tent, because there is something special about the place. You go through life with a certain group of people and get to know them well.” A seasonal commitment is committing to settling down for a while, to see the potential of something.

After a few months in Andorra, we plan to stay a while in Perth, where BZ’s family is. That will be a seasonal commitment we’re going to make to see whether we will like it there or not, to see if it’s a good fit for a place to call home in the long run.

And the final level of commitment, he calls a marriage. Extreme, isn’t it? He says, “This is the highest mark of maturity and what marks true dedication. Of course, it applies to more than actual matrimony, but you get the idea: marriage is forever, and so are some commitments.”

Relating this extreme level of commitment to settling in Perth for good would be quite obvious, but as Goins writes, “Hopefully, your calling fits under this category. Although jobs come and go, your vocation — your life’s work — should be something that sticks. Something you commit to.” And this, quite obviously, I reflect onto my career plans.

Actually, onto my dreams. I have quite a few, and they’re all related to my career plans. Do I plan to purse Interior Design, you may wonder. I’m happy to say: YES!

One of my dreams is to be internationally recognized as a designer, and Perth will definitely be a better platform for me (as opposed to Manila).

I’m aware that to be an internationally recognized designer, I’d have to be a locally recognized designer first. And to become that, I need to be established somewhere to begin with.

Although the plan of doing so in Manila this year went out the window, I’m picking myself up, and I will continue to chase that goal once we’ve decided where to settle down. Maybe not this year, but hopefully very soon. 😀


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