Kelly Anderson on Creating a Feeling of Happiness at Home

June 18, 2012

Creating a Feeling of Happiness

Refreshed Designs “is about slowing down and redesigning spaces that are both sensible and stylish, without spending a lot or consuming a lot.” The blogger behind this refreshing blog is Kelly Anderson who has a passion for sustainable design, offering decorating services online.

On Redesigning with a Tight Budget

Q: How do you redesign a space with a tight budget?

A: A tight budget = creativity! That’s where my motto of reuse, renew, refresh, comes in. There are often things that a person already owns that can really work when redesigning a room—you just have to think about how to use them in a different way.

For example: An old run-down dresser in a bedroom can be repainted and used as a cool new sidetable in the dining room. Paint is my number one ally, tight budgets or not!

I also scour yard sales and flea markets for picture frames, interesting bowls and trays, and vintage furniture. And of course, every room of mine has something from good old Mother Nature. After all, it’s free!

Reuse, Renew, Refresh

How to Change the Look of a Space

Q: What key pieces instantly change the look of a space?

A: As I’ve mentioned, paint is probably the single most effective way to change the look of a space. On walls, floors, ceilings or furniture, a refreshed room is easy [to achieve] with a coat of paint.

After that, I think flooring makes a big difference. And I don’t mean just great hardwood or stone flooring. Even just throwing down an area rug with a wonderful pattern can change up the whole space.

Finally, fabrics make a big impact. Lush window coverings and lots of pillows are staples in my rooms. And they are relatively easy and inexpensive to change up.

On Her Passion: Decorating

She also shares that she’s “always loved the details that make up a well-designed space and that give you a certain feeling when you enter into a room—whether restful, inviting or playful.

“It’s amazing how decorating alone can totally change someone’s mood. A person’s home should be able to create a feeling of joy for them so that no matter what is going on in life, it’s always comfortable at home.”

On Creating a Feeling of Happiness at Home

Q: How do you create a feeling of happiness in a home?

A: Happiness is a feeling provoked by different things for different people, so I have to really pay attention to a homeowner I’m working with and get to know what makes them tick.

For me, I love a clean white, crisp space, with pretty decorative and textured accessories weaved throughout. Others feel happier with lots of colour and pattern that evokes memories of vacations or a favourite piece of art.

The key is to define what makes you happy and then add those personal and unique elements.

Q: Are there any particular colors you use to evoke the feeling of happiness?

A: I personally like white, light gray and creamy yellows. They scream happy to me because I love sunlight and the outdoors. I also like using those neutral colours on the walls because then I can fill those walls up with art, photos and personal mementos that have lots of meaning and that will stand out and make me happy every time I see them.

Dear Readers, What Makes You Happy?

You don’t need to make major changes in a space to change its look and feel. As Kelly shared, the details play a big part in the overall feel of a space. This can be achieved through accessorizing alone. And for this, you don’t have to spend! Just be creative.

And as for creating a feeling of happiness in your own home, you have to define what makes you happy.

What do you love? Display it. What colors make you happy? Apply them. Do you have a favorite piece of art? Showcase it.

So, what makes you happy?


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    Wow! What a fabulous interview! There are so many useful tips in here! I love Kelly’s style so I will definitely be bookmarking this interview to look back on for great advice!

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    Wonderful interview with one of my favourite bloggers 🙂 She has lots of good ideas and tips for how to make your home a place that you really love. And her blog is a super source for great decorating ideas and inspiration pictures. 

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    I am stopping by from Kelly’s blog, thanks for featuring her today.  I loved reading more about her and how she creates happiness in the home.  I agree, paint is always on the top of my list, especially on a budget.  

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