Dark Blue, Gold and Wood

January 26, 2013

Lately, I’ve been crazing over dark blue.
Especially when paired with golden accents and raw wood.

Blue, Gold, and Wood

I just love the combination of these three elements.
And more so in interiors!

Josh's Bedroom

There’s a tinge of green to the wall in the bedroom—more teal than dark blue.

I love the wooden side table in the corner of the room, but I would replace the red box (or whatever that is) with the potted plant. While the bare golden frame and vintage rug lend a feel of mystery to the room, the throw pillow and blanket bring playfulness. The parquet flooring complements the color scheme well and adds warmth to the space.

It’s such a cozy space, however, I’m not sure I could sleep in a bed floating in the room.

Blue Chairs

What an eclectic chic dining room!

As opposed to the other pictures, the blues in this color scheme are just accents. Although the color scheme is very warm with its overriding tones and shades of brown, adding cushion to the chairs would’ve made the dining area more inviting. I like how the mirror behind the banquet seat crowns it. But I would prefer a simple rectangular mirror, and replace the drop light with a chandelier, to keep that girly touch to the space.

The golden pot finishes the whole look.


This industrial elegant bathroom is a tad too cold. I would add a shaggy area rug
beside the tub—now that would’ve made it look perfect!

Elegant Living Room

Oo la la, such a classy living room, don’t you think?

I love everything about it—but golden table lamps would’ve made it look even better!

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