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How to Decorate Your Console Table

February 7, 2013

Are you facing the dilemma of how to decorate your console table?
Let me give you some ideas. Here are 5 ways to decorate your console table:

1. Themed Tabletop

Console Table Decor (3)

 In the photo above, there’s an overarching theme: tableware, neutral color scheme, and wood. Why don’t you theme your console table décor with things you already have at home?

Tip: Plants always make a perfect finishing touch!

2. Color Coded

Console Table Decor (2)

Here, a color-coded color palette harmonizes the eclectic mix of traditional, vintage, and modern pieces. If you have décor at home of the same color, why not put them together?

Tip: Get color inspiration from one piece and make it the focal point.

3. Symmetrical

Console Table Decor (5)

As with white, you can never go wrong with symmetry.
Do you have pairs of decoration at home? There you go!

Tip: Lay them out symmetrically on your console table,
and add pieces until you’re satisfied.

4. Collectibles

Console Table Decor (1)

Display those collectibles — or your favorite knick-knacks!

In the photo above, a bold-colored artwork is the focal point while other graphic collectibles are asymmetrically displayed.

5. Gallery of Photos

Console Table Decor (4)

Or perhaps you have tons of picture frames at home?
A wall of frames makes an interesting focal point.

Check out this post for more photo gallery ideas.

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