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Designer Homes in Melbourne

March 6, 2013




During our stay in Melbourne, I had the amazing opportunity to tour designer homes, some of which included those of Porter DavisSimondsHometec, and my favorite, Carlisle Homes.

The whole concept of touring designer homes was totally new to me. I loved that we were able to walk through them without anyone having to tour us and take us through. There were hidden cameras everywhere, watched by people in offices we had to walk through as we entered and exited.

Each home had an overarching theme–nautical, country, contemporary, minimal, asian, you name it! It was interesting to see how different materials were put together and layered. If you’re a regular reader, you’d know that the nautical-themed home was my favorite (photos above).



I loved how they looked lived in, and how they looked set up for important visitors. I most fancied the choice of accessories and how they were assembled together. Plants really do give that finishing touch to any space, don’t you think?


All the master suites had their own walk-in wardrobe and bathroom — a shower, bathtub, his & her lavatories, and a water closet (toilet), but in most homes, they were secluded.


One good example is the bedroom above: Upon entering, the bathroom is to the left of the bed. I’m not sure I’d be able to have such a non-private bathroom, though, but the concept is appealing.


And to the right of the bed, the walk-in closet:


All kitchens were display-worthy. An island was spotted in most kitchens such as in the photo below.


Open plans were apparent in most homes:


Being avid barbecuers, it is mandatory for Aussies to have an outdoor space with seating.



Some homes had a swimming pool. Although it doesn’t snow in Melbourne, it can get pretty cold during winters, so I don’t see how it is practical to have a swimming pool in your backyard. In addition to that, most were framed by glass fences — which must be very hard to maintain clean being outdoors, going through four seasons.

I definitely enjoyed the whole experience. The most amazing thing about these designer homes was their floor plans. I’ll have to make another post on that, though! ‘Til next post!

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