DIY Paper Peonies

October 31, 2012


More than a week ago, one of my cousins got married. It was a beautiful wedding in the heart of Intramuros, probably the most romantic place in Manila.

I helped decorate the place where her bridal shower was held. It was pretty much last-minute planned décor, so her younger sister (also her maid of honor) and I resorted to paper peonies. We made them in pink and gold to satisfy the bride’s obsession with the color pink, and balanced it with an accent of gold.

Craft projects, I love! Especially when they’re ridiculously easy to do, and result into something beautiful.

I wasn’t able to take proper photos of what we did for my cousin’s bridal shower, but I recreated the paper peonies we made, this time in iridescent white:


Beautiful, aren’t they? They’re so easy to do! Let me show you how:

DIY Paper Peonies


1. Crepe paper (horizontally cut)     2. Ribbon     3. Scissors

How to Make Paper Peonies


1. Start by folding the lower part of one end of the crepe paper (cut horizontally). Keep the folded part in place with your thumb and forefinger.

2. With your other hand, continually fold the lower end of the paper and work your way around, gathering the folded part as you do.

3. From top, it should look something like this.

4. Continually fold the lower part of the crepe paper, working your way around, gathering the lower part in one hand.


5. Once you’ve folded everything, don’t let go just yet!

6. Tie it tightly with your choice of ribbon. I recommend doing a double knot.

7. I kept one end of the ribbon longer than the other, just because I like the way it looks.

8. Tada! This is how it should look like.


It takes approximately two minutes to make one peony. Simple, isn’t it?

They can be hung in clusters on the ceiling or wall. Or they can be put together as a centerpiece—like what I did in the photos above. Enjoy! ♥

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