Easy DIY: Yarn-Wrapped Perfume Bottle

December 7, 2012

Do you have an empty fancy-shaped perfume bottle that you can’t let go of just yet?

Be glad you kept it—you can easily give it a refreshing makeover!


– DIY Yarn-Wrapped Perfume Bottle –

Here’s what you’ll need:

What You Need

1   An old perfume bottle   |   2   Scissors   |   3   Yarn (in color of your choice)

1. Tie an extremely tight knot at the bottle’s base

Tie a Knot at the Base

I was lucky to have a tapered perfume bottle. (This perfume is a darling! ♥) I tied an extremely tight knot at the base of the perfume’s bottle. If your bottle isn’t tapered, or if you just can’t seem to tie a tight enough knot that won’t slip off, I suggest you glue the end of the yarn with hot glue or white glue. (But with white glue, you’d have to wait for it to completely dry.)

2. Wrap the bottle with yarn

Wrap with Yarn

Once you’ve got the end of the yarn secured (glued-down or with a knot), start wrapping the yarn going upwards to cover the entire perfume bottle. As you go, make sure each layer is tightly on top of the layer below, for a neat wrap.

Keep on Wrapping

As you keep on going, you’ll learn what method of wrapping works best for you. I found it easy to sit down with the ball of yarn on my lap, rotating the bottle with my left hand while securing each layer of yarn with my right hand’s index finger. I know it’s difficult to picture, but trust me, you’ll figure out what method works best for you. 😀

3. Tie an extremely tight knot at the bottle’s top (or wherever you want it to end)

Tie Knot at the Top

Once you’ve wrapped the entire bottle with yarn, tie an (again) extremely tight knot at the top (or wherever you want it to end). I stress that the knots should be tight, because if not, your effort will have gone to waste.


Final Yarn-Wrapped Bottle

Now, wasn’t that easy and fun!? 🙂

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