El Serrat, Andorra

July 28, 2013

El Serrat 1a El Serrat 2 El Serrat 3a El Serrat 4 El Serrat 5 El Serrat 6a El Serrat 7a El Serrat 8a El Serrat 9a El Serrat 10a

I love nothing else more than being in a magical setting, sun shining, and a camera in hand.

I was fortunate enough to be able to do so yesterday in El Serrat here in Andorra.
BZ’s boss and his wife brought us with their two dogs.

It was a beautiful day. No clouds blocked the sun from shining, the breeze was fresh and cold. The gush of the river’s water played in the background and a display of wild flowers decorated every corner.

I was mesmerized.

I love capturing details—those which are often overlooked and taken for granted.
It’s like experiencing beauty in a whole new dimension.

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