A Glimpse of my Mini Office + A Few Updates

March 12, 2014


• a glimpse of my improvised office •


• Alstroemeria flowers in small jars dress up our kitchen window •


• our handsome Zanzibar Gem sits on our coffee table •

I’ve cleared our dining table and made it into my very own office. Thanks to that, the past couple of days have been very productive for me, you guys! Well, productive enough for me at least. Have yours been productive as well?

I’ve been editing and adding a few pages here on my website. My last post for example, on my interior design taste and values, is one. Its main purpose is for prospective employers who visit my about page to simply get to know my design taste—outlined.

I’ve worked on a new online portfolio page as well, where I have listed my few but lesson-filled experiences. I just finished working on a new résumé, and am waiting for someone’s feedback on it. Once that’s final, I only have cover letters left to work on, then I’m finally going to apply!

See those beautiful Alstroemeria flowers in the photos above? I got them a few days ago to give our plant-empty apartment some pop of life and color. Those jars they’re in, I got from my oldest sister in Bergen. I brought less than half (of what she gave) with me, and now I regret it.

Our outdoor plants are now being tended by BZ’s mom, and sadly, our indoor plants have passed away. RIP. On a lighter note, I went to a flower shop yesterday and brought that handsome Zanzibar Gem plant home with me. After I bought it, I learned another term for it: “The can’t-kill-me houseplant.” Let’s see how that goes!

BZ and I have started working out again as well. We tried out a boxing class at a boxing gym last Monday, and it left us sore the next day. And it left me with stinky hands, as we had to borrow training gloves at the gym. Even after I scrubbed them once, washed them thoroughly twice, and showered, they still stunk! But that won’t stop us. We might go back on Friday, if not, Monday.

We were surprised by a letterbox invitation to an event that we’re shortly going to. It’s an event in a Domayne store in West Perth, and it’ll be an evening of discounts! Let’s see if we’ll be bringing some goodies back home. ♥

Have a wonderful Wednesday night!


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