July 18, 2015

I haven’t shaken off the Madrid fever, you guys!

I arrived three days ago. Two days ago, I created a Couchsurfing event for the next day (yesterday) to walk up Fløyen. Since it was created just a day before the event, I really didn’t expect anyone to show up. Two people had given me notice they wouldn’t be joining me, however, which was better than not getting any notice at all. But I went up Fløyen anyway! In fact, I brisk-walked it up and made it in half an hour. While I was waiting in line for the toilets up top, I checked my phone and got an invitation to join a Couchsurfer host with his two guests to go grilling in Golta! I had thirty minutes to get down again, so I just skipped peeing and ran down!

I honestly didn’t believe what I was doing. I didn’t recognize myself anymore. I was just so hungry to continue meeting people that I didn’t give a care in the world what I was doing! I’ve just become so hungry for experiencing more and meeting more people. While running down, trying my hardest not to fall flat on my face, I kept telling myself: This is what makes me come alive.

And then fast-forward to Sotra, where Golta is, we parked and started walking to the coast.

Once we had gotten past the meadows and made it high enough to see the coast, I just couldn’t believe my eyes, you guys. It was just magical. It was hard to see the horizon line; where the sea and sky separated. It was blurred beautifully together that it seemed like the ground was floating in the sky.


Pastels of pinks and blues painted our view. There was a calm in the air and we could hear the faint sound of boat engines in the distance.



It was quite a butt-and-leg workout climbing up and down just to get where we eventually settled for a grill. I was with a Lithuanian engineer who works in Bergen, and his guests, a Spanish couple who had been in Bergen for only two days. Before we drove to Golta, we passed by a grocery store and I decided they’d have to try the typical grill sausages with Idun ketchup and deep-fried onion (sprøstekt løk) on top!



We were quite starved and munched on marshmallows while waiting for the grill to settle. It’s quite an experience being gathered with people you don’t know—spontaneously at that. And what must they have thought of me? Just saying yes to going with them out of the blue? Well the answer is simple: They were open to it, and that’s all that counts. They were happy to have me, and that was good enough for me.

While we sat and ate we talked about the difference of lifestyles between Spain and Norway. About how the Spanish live for the moment, and how Norwegians lean heavily on stability. Wherever one chooses to settle relies entirely upon one’s preference, which is heavily influenced by how and where s/he was raised. That’s how I see it anyway.

How is it coming back to Bergen after a month of being surrounded by such affectionate Spanish? How is it coming back to the gloom and rain after being soaked in heat and brightness? Maybe it takes a while to get into the hang of “real life” after such an amazing experience in Madrid, but I really want to chase that feeling of truly living. I’ve had a taste of it, and now, it’s all I crave.

On a lighter note, after we ate, they went down to fish while I stayed behind and walked around to snap photos. I thought it would be nice listening to Canon in D by Pachelbel while I sat by myself, but they were right—the sound of the waves crashing into the rocks was enough music. ♥





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