Goodbye, Andorra!

August 18, 2013

Goodbye Andorra 1

I can’t believe we’re saying goodbye to Andorra! It’s been three wonderful months in this tiny country most people don’t even know exist. As you’re reading this, BZ and I are on a bus to Toulouse to catch two trains to Poitiers where we’ll be picked up by a bus to Boisbuchet. How time has flown! I’m so excited for this workshop, and I will most definitely share my experience with you.

However, I won’t be checking in for at least a week. I would like to concentrate on the workshop itself and Boisbuchet’s beautiful, romantic surroundings … which only means there will be all the more photos for you to marvel at, and hopefully some inspiration that will bleed into this blog as well.

I wish you all an amazing week! ♥


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