Goodbye Bergen, Hello Perth!

March 4, 2014



•• snaps of mom & dad’s birthday celebration ••

Hey hey!

I know I haven’t written anything personal in so long, but it’s been a whirlwind of preparations for my parents’ birthday celebration which was three days ago. Now that it’s over, there’s yet another thing on my plate—packing up to leave and fly back home to Perth.

The weather has been the most boring the last weeks here in Bergen. Only a few times has the sun peeked through the clouds. I’ve just been at home most days, helping my mom with house chores, the domestic lady that I am!

It’s been wonderful being with my family again. I always feel like I’m missing out when I’m away, but that’s just how life is once you move out I guess. Tomorrow morning I’m off to Perth through three different flights which will last about 24 hours all in all!

Once again, we’ll be moving a step higher into living our dreams: I’ll be on a lookout for a job, you guys! I’m excited about it yet nervous.

Little by little, I’m transforming this website into a more professional one. I’m currently working on my online portfolio, which doesn’t really consist of many projects, but I will make it so that prospective employers will know all that I’m capable of when it comes to technical design skills. It isn’t easy starting out, but one has to utilize what one already has. I may not have much experience, but I will do my best to show what I’m capable of. And that’s a challenge I’m working on!

When I looked for a job in Manila, out of favor, I got hired on my second interview. And on my very first day of work, I learned that we wouldn’t be living in Manila anymore. That was a whole year ago, and only now am I looking for a full time job again, something I’ve never had before. So I’m very excited!

It’ll be so nice to post interiors that I myself have designed, you know? And to get into the nitty gritty of the design industry, that will be so cool! I am so excited to learn, but I’m a little nervous that I may not be such a fast learner that I think myself to be. But all will be all good in the end. No matter what. ♥


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