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Hilsen fra Bergen!

February 4, 2014


So BZ and I arrived in gloomy Bergen two nights ago. The photo above was taken this morning before 8 am, just as the sun made its way up to paint the sky a beautiful blue. It’s about 3º here now, but we’re told it’s fairly warm to how it was last week. Yea right! I couldn’t stop my jaw from shaking as we walked through the city yesterday afternoon with my younger siblings. It was around 7º then.

So what am I doing in Bergen? I’m just here to visit my family, really. There’s going to be a huge celebration for my parents’ birthdays (which are only 2 days apart) by the start of next month. I feel so privileged to be able to celebrate with them. It is going to be wonderful. ♡

BZ will be leaving me on Friday to attend a start-up week with his colleagues in a much warmer place. And after that, he’ll drop by Bergen for a few hours before he flies back to Perth, where I will meet him again after 2 weeks and a few days.

I feel I always have something to look forward to, and for that I am grateful. When I get back to Perth, it will be time for me to finally look for a job in an interior design firm. I honestly don’t know how it’s going to be. A few people have told me it is not a huge industry in Perth. But I just know that if it is meant for me, then regardless, there will be a spot for me. And how will I know until I try?

But I’m getting ahead of myself again! I am just going to cherish every day I have here in Bergen with my family, as I’ll be working on my only one resolution for 2014—learn how to cook good food!

Have a wonderful [rest of the] week! ♥


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