How to: Day Makeup for Pinays

March 30, 2012

Day Makeup for Pinays

This makeup tutorial will guide you through steps to create the perfect day makeup for pinays. The details of makeup are more visible during the day, so it is easy to overdo it. Applying makeup can be daunting — especially when you don’t know how to apply each product and when you don’t know when it is enough. Here, you will see how easy it is to create the perfect day makeup — enhancing your pinay features, giving you a beautiful natural look.

A good friend of mine, Janeen, was kind enough to model for me. Here is a Before & After photo of her:

Janeen Before and After

Let’s get it on, shall we? 😀


Moisturizer, Foundation, Powder

1. Tone & Moisturize

It is vital to start every makeup routine with a clean canvas – your face. Before this first step, make sure it has been cleansed well.*

Once your face has been cleansed, grab a cotton ball and soak it in toner and pat on skin. Spraying toner onto the face will also do.

Generally, moisturizing the skin before applying makeup helps it go on smoothly and last longer. However, in this humid country we live in, it is best to skip this step unless you have very dry skin (or live in Baguio)!

*For oily skin, use a gel cleanser formula. (I recommend Neutrogena Deep Clean)
For the driest of skins, oil cleansers work best.

2. Foundation

Whichever foundation formula you use on a daily basis, apply it on the face to even out the skin tone and texture.

Begin by applying foundation around the nose, and blend into the rest of the face (or only to the needed parts). Let it settle for 1-2 minutes to see its true effect.

On Janeen, I used a foundation brush to spread it evenly. But you can also use a sponge.

3. Powder

This is the final and most vital step in prepping the face: It sets the foundation, keeping it on for hours, and makes the skin look fresh.

Use a powder brush to allow a sheer finish – which is excellent for day makeup.

(!) A useful tip from Bobbi Brown:
“A small concealer brush can be used to apply powder to the corners of the face – under and around the eyes and around the mouth and nose.”


Brows, Shadow, Liner, Mascara

4. Eyebrows

If it’s any facial part you should pay most attention to, make it your eyebrows. I personally think the eyebrows are what “make” the face.*

Most pinays have beautiful black hair. The best eyebrow shade for this color is dark brown. Using black or charcoal on the brows, will make them look too heavy.

To fill in the brows, you can use brow pencil, brow gel, or brow shadow.

Begin at the inside of the brow, then fill it in with the appropriate shade, and lightly stroke along the length of the brow. Another tip I’ve learned: The longer the brow, the younger you’ll look.

I personally like using brow shadow, so this is what I used on Janeen. A small tip I have always applied is to soak the brush in water before applying the product to the brush. This makes it last longer, even on hot days.

*If you heed this advice and think your brows need a makeover, I suggest paying a visit to Browhaus (in Serendra). Their services are pricey, but see it as an investment.

5. Eyeshadow

A natural look works best during the day.

With a full shadow brush, apply a light shade (base color) of shadow from the lash line up to the brow bone. Remember to cover the inner corner of the eyes as well.

I picked a slightly shimmery shadow. Although it isn’t noticeable, it reflects light, giving a glowing effect.

(!) In the photo above, eyeshadow is applied on the right lid only. If you look closely, there is only a slight difference.

6. Eyeliner

Eyeliners come in several formulations; powdered, pencil, and liquid/gel. On most Asians, using liner on only the top lash line creates a flattering, defined look.

I prefer using eyeliner pencils. They are easy to apply, but smudge easily – therefore I opt for waterproof pencils. I adore Maybelline’s Vivid & Smooth Liners by Eyestudio… So much that I have them in several colors.

With whichever formula of liner you use, draw a line across the top lash line (make sure it is as close to the lash line as possible). Start in the middle, then extend the liner to the inner lash line, and draw across the whole lash line. Finally, draw another line on top of the first one to intensify it.

If you’re not used to using liners, gently pull the eyelid before drawing.

7. Curl + Mascara

If you were born with naturally curled lashes, you can luckily skip the dreaded use of eyelash curlers. However, for most of us, curling the lashes prior to applying mascara is a must for opening up and emphasizing the eyes.

Slightly tilt your head upward looking into a mirror perpendicular to the floor. And gently lift the lid. Then move the curler as close to the roots as possible and slowly press. Hold for 10-15 seconds. Repeat.

Then repeat on the other eye, too.

Most makeup artists agree that Shu Uemura’s eyelash curler is no. 1. I firmly believe that MAC’s curlers come from the same manufacturer. I compared MAC’s to Shu’s, and they are exactly the same (– plus MAC’s curlers cost ₱50.00 less!).

Finally, apply mascara: Gently lift the lid. Looking down, begin in the middle, then close to the nose, and finally to the outside of the eye. Be sure to apply mascara close to the lash roots. For impact, repeat once to twice.

Let the top lashes dry, and then proceed to the lower lashes. Apply mascara lightly, turning the brush at an angle to get all the lashes.
Repeat all steps on the other eye.

In humid countries, it is advisable to use waterproof mascara. Many pinays avoid this formula because they find it hard to remove. But one useful and budget-friendly tip is to use petroleum jelly to remove waterproof mascara: Generously apply on both the upper and lower lashes, and let it stay for about 5 minutes. Once the mascara has softened, gently scrape off the mascara, with your finger nails, starting at the roots.


Blush and Shimmer

8. Blush

Blushes come in several formulations, but powder blush is the easiest to use.

With a blush brush, apply the product on the apple of your cheeks and blend towards the temple.

For day makeup, you would want to make it look as natural as possible. Choose a shade matching the color of your cheeks after a workout.

9. Shimmer

Applying shimmer is optional. For those with dry skin, this will make it look healthier.

With a blush brush or powder puff, apply a small amount of shimmer on the apple of the cheeks.

Put very little on – enough to create a healthy glow. (Putting too much will make the skin look oily).


10. Lipstick + Gloss

“Applying lip color is one of the simplest of all makeup steps and is a great way to instantly change a look.”
– Bobbi Brown

Lipstick: With a lip brush, apply chosen color of lipstick. On the upper lip, begin at one corner of the mouth all the way to the other corner, tracing the edge of the lip line. Repeat on the lower lip. Then fill in the rest of the lips, making sure you evenly cover the entire lips.

Lipgloss: With a lip brush or a finger, begin applying lipgloss at the middle of the lips and blend into the corners. Don’t overdo it.

Well, that’s it! This is only the first of many more to come. In the future, I will do more specific how-to tutorials such as on foundation, on different eye-makeup looks, on lip correction, on shaping eyebrows — well you get it! I truly hope you enjoyed this makeup tutorial on how to create the perfect day makeup for pinays. Until the next posts, stay gorgeous. ♥


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    så flott jen,i am proud of you!

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