How to Decoupage : A Wooden Chest

March 27, 2012
In the process of decluttering, I found heaps of stuff that had been untouched for years. I came upon this mini wooden chest I had purchased long ago (I have always loved ‘mini’ stuff). I saw potential in this little thing: So instead of letting it go, I decided to transform this ugly box into something beautiful.

While looking for inspiration for future projects on the web, I brushed on How to Decoupage. What is so fun about it is that you can do it on almost anything; from pencils to walls. And in addition to that, it is fairly easy and doesn’t require a lot of time (it took me about 1.5 hours).

In case it is your first time to hear the word decoupage, describes it as: “the art or technique of decorating something with cutouts of paper, linoleum, plastic, or other flat material over which varnish or lacquer is applied.”

So I tried it. Instead of applying varnish or lacquer, though, I used white glue — and it turned out excellent!

How to Decoupage : This is how I did it

1. Remove all hardware. Paint the disassembled parts, and let dry.

Keep the hardware — you’ll be needing them later. Before you paint anything, make sure it is completely dust-free & dry. I used acrylic paint, so it took very little time for it to completely dry. You might want to do several coats to cover the surface completely.

2. Cut/Tear off bits of paper.

I tore some off magazines. I went for reds and pinks. Aside from magazine paper, you can use bits from newspaper, fabric, tissue, etc.

3. – 4. Screw back the hardware (once the paint has completely dried).

5. Cover the surface with white glue & mount the bits of paper the way you want it.

To apply the glue, I used an inexpensive paintbrush to keep my fingers clean. When arranging the paper bits, you need to do it as quick as possible (because white glue dries pretty fast!). Keep on adding layers until the surface is completely covered. Once everything is set the way you want it, generously spread glue over the ‘decoupaged’ surface (do this gently to keep the arranged paper bits in place).

6. Let it dry — and voila!

I started on this project quite late, so I let it dry overnight. I kept it in a cupboard to keep it from dust.

PS! It is as easy as it looks!

Go ahead and decoupage!
If you want more information & details on how to decoupage, I found this page very helpful.

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