How Traveling Has Changed Me

August 17, 2015


I’m amazed by how traveling has helped me so much into growth and maturity. It is only in the past few years that I’ve been fortunate to have traveled often enough to have something valuable (or so I hope) to say about it: It’s given me a broader perspective of the world, it has helped me know myself more, and it has made me realize the importance of connection. These reasons are just a few of many factors, but the ones so far I’m able to express through writing. (I’ll make sure to update this post as the list expands!)

It’s Given me a Broader Perspective

First of all, experiencing new cultures and norms has made me compare those that I’ve experienced. It has made me see similarities and differences, and that has given me a broader picture of the world and its people. Every country is different, yet countries in the same continent stand together in differing from the rest of the world. And then there are those that are colonized by another country in another continent, and it just gets even more complex!

But it’s seeing everything collectively and understanding how and why and by what a country and its people are influenced by that has broadened my perspective of the world. Suddenly, curiosity brewed in me and I started becoming interested in history, because I realized that knowing history is inevitable for me to keep on growing.

And learning just a tidbit of history (like I did during my recent week in Florence—oh the arts!), I felt like I was taken onto a higher ground by gaining a deeper understanding of the present world. And when I started delving into it by becoming genuinely interested, I learned that everything (such as power, money, and art) was and is interrelated.

It’s Taught Me More About Myself

Traveling has truly helped me know myself more. And that’s been my favorite part of it so far. I feel like the further I journey from home and my comfort zone, the deeper I get into and the better I get to know myself. And it was just recently I experienced how important that is!

I feel like my personal taste has gotten refined by learning what I like and don’t like—in food, in style, in people (character, personality and values)—and in many more things. And in the process of learning these things about myself, self-confidence grew in me. I became a person who knows what I want and what I tolerate and, equally important, don’t tolerate. And that’s been so empowering to me!

It’s Taught Me the Importance of People and Connection

I’ve inevitably met lots of people while traveling. I’ve found that there’s always something interesting about each single one. There’s always something to learn and take away from talking to (or even from merely observing) someone who has come from a completely opposite background than my own.

This has ultimately given me a clearer understanding of people, and I’ve realized that life is truly all about connection. I honestly don’t find that everyone is worth my time and energy though, but there certainly are a few gems of people—which who, when having given of myself to them, has made up for the wasted energy I’d given to those who didn’t deserve it.

I’ve Come Back a Changed Person

After Madrid, where I traveled on my own for the first time, I came home a completely new person. It was weird coming back home, “back to reality” in a way. It didn’t take long, however, before I realized I had truly been changed because I had come back with a deeper understanding of myself.

I thought it would be a challenge to somewhat maintain the new level of growth, but it had become a part of me, that it was just not possible to shrink from that growth. I had been transformed. And it opened my eyes to how important it is to travel, especially at a young age. And I feel that others have benefited from my personal change in that it has truly made me a happier person. ♥︎

I just recently visited Florence, the birthplace of Renaissance, and it has opened my eyes to newer dimensions: I never thought I’d be so interested in history! I traveled in a different way this time, compared to how I spent my time in Madrid, doing all the touristy stuff (visiting tourist attractions and learning about the city’s history) and it has just given me a deeper understanding of the world and for art. Which I just love. But another post will be dedicated to that!

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