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I’m Loving Andorra!

May 31, 2013


I’m actually really enjoying Andorra.

To be perfectly honest, I thought it would be a little boring. I prepared by listing down all the things I could do in case I got bored—practice painting with watercolor, make earrings, go out and take photos of nature, and focus on improving my blog.

So far, I haven’t had the time. I did make time to take a few snapshots of Andorra, though. How could I not? Andorra is beautiful. It would’ve been selfish of me not to share its beauty with you guys.

I know of people who find Andorra dead boring. I guess it depends on what you like. I’m done with partying—I’m so over that phase of my life. Andorra doesn’t have much of a nightlife, and I’m not complaining at all.

I love the quiet, the serenity, the stillness, the calmness, the wind. I don’t mind the rain, but it would’ve been better with some sun.

Two interesting facts about Andorra: Most boutiques, restaurants and other establishments are shut from 1-4 PM every day. You just don’t mess with their siesta time. People are very relaxed here, and I guess it’s a good thing. It’s definitely an ideal place for the aged. And, people here speak either French or Spanish and/or a mix of the two—Catalan. (They’re terrible at English.)

So we went to a wine tasting event last night. I regret not bringing my camera; it was held at a cozy gallery, Desig(n). I would love to go back to snap some shots of all the interesting craft they displayed. (Maybe I will!) So we tried four different wines: two whites and two reds; two French and two Spanish. My favorite was the Spanish white, Menade.

It was a little funny when the wines were introduced. “The wine has a citric scent with a whiff of caramel and vanilla.” So we all took our glass to our nose, and na, couldn’t smell any of it. Didn’t matter, though. The experience was nice.

We then walked to a rustic restaurant to have dinner, along with two other couples, one being a couple we had just met. Once again, I regret I didn’t bring my camera; the restaurant had an old-world feel to it: stone cladded walls with dimly lit wall sconces and pendant lamps. It looked like a wine cellar.

It was a little cold, though, and it took forever to order food. We almost died of starvation. The woman didn’t understand English, of course, so we had to rely on one man’s newly learned Spanish.

The white wine we had was perfect—a mix of Moscato and Gewürztraminer—just my type of wine, sweet. The food wasn’t to die for, though, I had sautéed mushrooms in onion and garlic and I asked for mashed potatoes, instead, I was served french fries on a plate along with everyone else’s fries.

It was a lovely night, anyhow, and I’d say it’s a typical Andorran experience. What can I say? I love Andorra.

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