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My Interior Design Taste and Values

March 12, 2014


•• Design by Jessica Helgerson ••


1. A Clean & Minimal Backdrop

What I love the most about a clean and minimal backdrop in terms of color scheme is that it’s like a blank canvas where furnishings are tools to paint. Furnishings are materials, colors, textures and forms. They are tools to incorporate design elements and principles.

An empty space is how every space usually starts out, of course. But to keep the backdrop’s design clean and minimal, as the foundation of a fully designed space, is to make it adaptable and nimble.

I tolerate purely minimal shells, which I believe give the opportunity to make the furnishings the focal point of the space. However, I do love architectural details such as classic baseboards and cornices. And a ceiling dressed with architectural details adds interest to any space, when done professionally of course.

Anything classic is classic, after all: It stands the test of time.

2. The Use of Natural Materials

It’s a must to use natural materials in fixtures when the budget allows it. Not only are natural materials sustainable, but they also scream quality and durability. They may be the expensive option, but they outperform. And investing in natural materials as opposed to faux materials, more often than not, saves money in the long run.

Natural stone floors are beautiful in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, and natural wooden floorboards bring a dose of coziness to bedrooms and living areas. I’m all for repurposing natural materials as well, and I absolutely love seeing antique wooden doors installed in newly built homes.

3. Accessorizing with Plants

I like homes that are an extension of nature. Other than using natural materials, what does this better than accessorizing with plants? I find that plants finish any space like nothing else. And they come with health benefits, too!


4. Classiness & Timelessness

Coco Chanel said it well: “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” Trends come and go. Good taste endures. Trends should serve as inspiration and seen as a tool to evolve and improve one’s design style—not to be imitated.

5. Good Lighting

“The best-lit rooms have layers of light that blend well together,” says architect and designer David Rockwell*, and I couldn’t agree more. Interior design is mostly visual, and the quality of lighting determines how one perceives it. Great design always incorporates good lighting.

6. My Design Priorities:

  • Quality over quantity
  • Function and flow over form
  • Comfort over style


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