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Designer Profile: Kelly Wearstler

February 16, 2013

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TAKE RISKS! is Kelly Wearstler‘s design philosophy. And it is evident in all her designs — whether it be for fashion, jewelry, textiles, tableware or interiors.

Her Maximalist style is evident in them all. And when asked what element is essential in any room, “It’s nothing but a spirit: The essence of a room is the emotion it conjures.”


She loves pairing contemporary pieces with vintage — a pair undoubtedly to bring a whole lot of spirit into any room. She is known for going overboard at times, but she does it with exquisite taste.


She has designed for big establishments and names in business and entertainment. Her portfolio includes the Viceroy hotels in Santa Monica and Palm Springs, and the Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills, where she herself lives with her husband and two sons.


“It’s all about color,” she once said in an E! interview, which is surprising since she has no favorite color. I’d say she loves them all! After all, colors are a designer’s best tool. In a Huffington Post interview, she completed the sentence, “My legacy …” with: “is making the world a more colorful place.”


Her mother, a closet interior designer, ignited her passion for design. “I grew up in an environment where everything was always in a state of flux. I’d come home from school, and the dining room would be a totally new color.” {source}


She has written four books: Modern Glamour: The Art of Unexpected Style, which shows readers how mixing and matching designs from different eras and adding an element of the unexpected can redefine any room–residential or commercial; Hue, a collection of design projects she’s worked on, including her own Beverly Hills home, celebrating the power of color; Domicilium Decoratus, a book that “reveals the most private and challenging undertaking of her career: her family’s timeless, astonishingly designed residence.” And then the latest, Rhapsody, which gives readers a glimpse of her glamorous world, and her creative process.

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