And We’re in London!

July 27, 2014


Oh my, I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I last blogged! I’m terribly sorry for that, but since we left Perth for Manila, every day has been extremely hectic. And now here we are in London! We weren’t supposed to leave Manila until the second week of August, but so much has happened, things too personal to share, alas, so we decided to leave for London the same day my family flew back to Bergen.

(It’s our fourth day already here in London, so please forgive my photo-dumping. I regret not bringing my SLR; all these are taken with my phone camera.)


• we were struck by how flat England is •


• here’s BZ overwhelmed by the overpriced taxi fare •


On our second day, we wandered the streets closeby as we looked for a place to have lunch. We are so fortunate to have come at this time—the weather is just beautiful. (Talk about ~20℃!) I love the London vibe, I really do! It is very chill and relaxed. I love it! ♡




We ended up having lunch at another Italian place, Zizzi at St. Giles. Italian seems to be a favorite over here, and I’m not complaining at all—Italian is my favorite cuisine as well!


Just after I instagrammed this photo with the caption: What is this rainy London they speak of? It’s sunny and bright here this summer!, it started drizzling(!) and short after, it poured. London!



For dinner on the same day, I had the best meal in London (so far)! Thanks to Tripadvisor’s recommendation, we tried out The Real Greek along Long Acre. The interior was very cozy with narrow tables and tiny seats. The dishes came on tiny plates as well, but we found that the servings were just perfect. I ordered a chicken skewer with couscous salad, and they were just lovely. I strongly recommend The Real Greek!



We hadn’t really done anything touristy until yesterday, our third day. After breakfast, we took the tube to Notting Hill Gate and walked to the Portobello Road Market, about fifteen minutes away. It was the first thing we ticked off on my list of must-see places in London. We arrived around 9am, just before the crowd grew …







We enjoyed the Antiques section the most, where we saw everything from fossils to over-110-year-old paintings to china thimbles (no, they’re not mini teacups, baby, hahaha), to vintage LV suitcases to vintage sports goods. As the crowd grew around 10 am, we were just so drained. We then went back home to have lunch, showered, and napped for over 2 hours to try to shake off the jetlag.



The Big Ben was another must-see, of course! We got dropped off just where I snapped the photos above, and I was amazed by the architecture. BZ however was disappointed by the size of it, said it ought be called [just] Ben. The photos don’t justify it. Even from afar, its details are awe-inspiring. Hungry and having just woken up, we didn’t really get to cherish the sight of it. I’ll definitely be going back to Parliament Square and Trafalgar Square—the architecture around those areas is just magnificent.







• Whitehall Court •


• London Eye along River Thames •


• London Eye and Big Ben on opposite sides of River Thames •


• Whitehall Gardens — another place I’m most definitely going back to •


We ended up having dinner at Fish Works along Swallow Street. I just had to take a photo of the neighboring restaurant’s logo. :))


Have you been to London? What are places or experiences you found unforgettable? If you haven’t been, what are places you’d like to see or things you’d like to do when you get to go? 🙂

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