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March 17, 2013

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Yesterday, with my dad and brother, I visited the design convention in SMX, Manila FAME. I thought it would make a good post for my blog, but to my dismay, most booths didn’t allow photo-taking. I expected to be inspired as well, and crazily inspired I was as we left.






The first designer I had an interesting conversation with was Carlo Cordaro of Atelier A (No photo-taking in his booth either). His furniture were sleek and modern, and showed the authenticity of the woods used such as gemelina, wenge and bamboo.

When asked what inspired him, he answered: simplicity. And it showed. And I find there is such beauty in simplicity. The less details, the more you get to appreciate what is.

I don’t know how it came about, but a lesson I took away from talking to him for such a short period was: experience beats accreditation. I guess it came from the fact that without a license, he managed to design such a beautifully designed house in Cebu and had an architect sign his plans.

And one more thing: passion is all you need.




One other designer I had a chat with was that of Prizmic & Brill. Everyone who comes in has a link to design somehow, and when asked what I do, I hesitated, but said I was an interior designer. What do you specialize in? How many years of experience have you had? None at all.

I didn’t say I was going to move abroad in 2 months. After 5 years of studying Interior Design and another year of studying for the board exam, and then passing, what a shame, people must think.

But I did say that my heart was in design. I’m still finding my way to a more specific niche in design. I realized I have yet so much to learn and experience.





{Design by Kenneth Cobonpue}







The most unforgettable designer was definitely Vito Selma. Once he was free to talk, he extended his hand with a smile on his face, you’re my sister’s friend, right? 

We sat on one of his couches and talked. I was star-struck by the fact that he interned in South Africa for a few months and took up a masteral degree in industrial design in Italy. What struck a chord with me the most, though, was the mention of Boisbuchet.

It is known for its summer workshops in design, and of all places, in France! It holds workshops annually, from June to mid-September. Is it fate that I’m going to stay in Andorra La Vella for a few months? Specifically, around the same time as the workshops are held? And the fact that Andorra lies between Spain and France—just a drive away to Lessac, France, where Boisbuchet is? I think not!

My heart was afloat as I walked away from his booth.
I knew exactly where my heart was—Boisbuchet.

{more photos}










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