Mirror Mirror

June 19, 2012

Mirror Mirror

Overwhelmed by all the work I had allowed myself to take on, I woke up early last Sunday to start on my mirror:

Disassemble Parts

I disassembled the parts first thing, and brought them outdoors to prep up for sanding. Sanding is best done outdoors as it would just scatter dust all over.

I was very lucky to have an enthusiastic brother pumped up to get his hands dirty in spite of just getting out of bed! When I thanked him afterwards, he smiled and said it was fun.


And I was even luckier to have another handyman come by late afternoon to help me paint! Brad did quite a good job, considering it was his first time to “paint something and make it look good.”

He worked on the frame and some more while I worked on the stand. Isn’t the color just lovely? 🙂


Two more coats later (and then some scraping off of spilled paint on the mirror, hehe), here’s the result:

Mirror Before & After

I already had sandpaper, so I only spent on the paint (which was quite expensive now that I think of it). We used up ca. 1/15 only of the whole can—even after painting my headboard with it, too!

So I have a LOT more left, which really tempts me to paint my bathroom cabinet doors turquoise as well.

What I Spent On:

  • 1/4 gallon of turquoise latex in gloss – ₱ 799.75
  • 2 paintbrushes – ₱ 57.50

Total Cost: ₱  857.25  / $ 20.25

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