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My Mini Urban Jungle

November 28, 2013

My Mini Urban Jungle 1

{ my mini urban jungle sits on a console table in the foyer }

My Mini Urban Jungle 2

{ I love how the greens pop out of the pale blue background ♡ }

My Mini Urban Jungle 3

{ the bare wall is dying for some love art }

My Mini Urban Jungle 4

{ getting sick of my mini succulent yet? It’s in every photo I’ve posted lately—it’s just that photogenic! }

My Mini Urban Jungle 5

{ do you remember those socarrat tiles I made in Andorra? Those cups were made there, too! }

I still have a long way to go in terms of decorating the apartment! I’ve hid some of the existing decor, so at the moment, it is very bare. I pinched those big succulents from the kitchen window sill, so we still have more plant shopping to do to patch up all the bald spots in here! We need pots as well.

I really love the look of indoor plants. They just really complete a space like no other decor! My mini urban jungle will hopefully not stay mini for too long. ♥

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