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A Glimpse into the National Archaeological Museum of Spain

November 2, 2016

Let me show you a glimpse of the National Archaeological Museum of Spain, or— MAN : Museo Arqueológico Nacional — which they call the museum down here. I popped into MAN yesterday for a visit, hoping for some art and design inspiration. My visit was quick with only one objective—to see the prehistoric artifacts with the Lady of Elche on top of my list:


man1 man3man5man2There’s just something about going back to the roots of art, to when the first manmade objects were created. Most of the ancient artifacts are utilitarian (serving needs rather than wants), yet most of them are decorated. This shows our innate desire for beauty and what is pleasing to the eyewhich dates back to the times of our ancestors.

Musing over the ancient artifacts of MAN sure did nudge the inner creativity in me. It also reminded me of human’s necessity for being surrounded by beauty, which later on birthed Interior Design. My quick yet inspirational visit to the National Archaeological Museum sure didn’t disappoint. I highly recommend it! ♥︎

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