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A Notting Hill Apartment by Cloud Studios

January 25, 2015

As you may know, I’m currently sending applications to design firms in different European cities.
As I’ve been browsing through portfolios showcasing beautiful interior projects,
I’ve had an urge to continue publishing interior posts here on the blog.
And I just had to show you this beautiful Notting Hill apartment designed by a London based company, Cloud Studios:

NottingHill by CloudStudios 1NottingHill by CloudStudios 2 NottingHill by CloudStudios2a NottingHill by CloudStudios 22 NottingHill by CloudStudios 20 NottingHill by CloudStudios 19 NottingHill by CloudStudios2b NottingHill by CloudStudios 24

I just love the luxurious feel of these spaces, without being over the top. The living room dons an air of Kelly Wearstler, yet simple with a balancing mix of textures and shapes tied together with a harmonious color scheme—champagne and neutrals. The same feel is extended into the master bedroom with darker colors, making it feel more intimate and cozy.

I’ve noticed how my design taste has shifted a tad: I used to love the stark whites of the Scandinavian look with all the pastels and the pine and all that. Although I still like that look, somewhat summery and child-like, I feel my design taste has matured a little; now having a better appreciation for the luxurious. Masculine—yes. I appreciate darker color palettes now. Talk champagne, dark browns and burgundy. ♥

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