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Moving Forward

She could never go back and make some of the details pretty. All she could do was move forward and make the whole beautiful. — Terri St. Cloud…

October 1, 2014
Bergen Life

Kyrkjetangen – A Haven Nearby

Last Saturday, I did something brave: I took the bus to my sister’s and borrowed her bike for the week. I then biked home thinking I’d do just fine uphill—something I was clearly wrong about. I ended up having to push the bike for…

September 20, 2014
Bergen Life

Autumn in Old Bergen + The Discovery of its Coziest Café

• autumn blooms by Solstrand Interiør • On this gloomy Saturday, my younger sister and I decided to take a trip into the city. Instead of hanging around the modern area, we decided to walk along Bergen’s old streets—along Hollendergaten and Lille Øvregate, to the…

September 6, 2014
Bergen Life

Bergen So Far

Good morning! ♥ It’s just before 7am over in Bergen, and I’m lying in bed, on newly changed sheets. The window is open and I can hear cars rushing through the highway down by. The air is cold this morning. Thank goodness I have…

September 4, 2014
Life Travel

Last of London and Bergen so Far

The photos above pretty much sum up the last of London. We were privileged to stay in a new part of London for a week—near the Tower Bridge. It started raining and getting chilly those days, so they were definitely not the best experience…

September 2, 2014
Interior Design

And I’m Hooked on Neybers!

• wooden cathedral ceiling in a bright white loft • • a luxurious wainscoted living space • • my kind of living space ♥ • • a luxurious bathroom — with touches of deep blues and turquoise • • a masculine home office facing a garden • I know…

August 8, 2014