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Powder Room Essentials

October 10, 2013

Powder Room Essentials

{ a powder room is generally defined as a small bathroom that contains only a sink and a toilet }

I love powder rooms. Maybe it has to do with my love for hand soaps and hand creams. Sometimes I just go to wash my hands. Sometimes to just check myself out, then I get really disappointed when visiting someone’s place or a restaurant and I find out there’s no mirror in there! I think the Filipinos nailed it. They call them comfort rooms—they’re there to make you feel better and more comfortable.

Powder rooms are especially convenient for when you have guests over and you don’t want to let them into your personal bathroom. So a powder room should be designed with your guests’ comfort in mind. For what’s the point of it looking pretty when it doesn’t leave your guests feeling better?

Here are the essentials every powder room should have:


There’s one more essential item I can’t believe I forgot to add to the image above—a trash bin with lid—a trash bin, of course! And with a lid, because nobody wants others to see what they’ve just thrown! The box (or drawer) with the handy extras is meant for the ladies … add anything extras that might come in handy, too. [All of the items above are from IKEA and Bath & Body Works.]

{ image }

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