The Reds of My Room

August 2, 2012

Reds of my Room

Red is a strong spice that shouldn’t be overused in interiors. It has a strong kick to it, therefore it should be used sparingly. This is the color to place in areas you want to draw attention to, because it is often where the eye looks first.

As I mentioned in a post earlier this week, I’m not a fan of using red in huge doses in interiors. But using red as accents, adds a lot of interest to a space as if it screams “Look here!”

Overusing the color in large doses is overwhelming, whereas using it in sparse areas creates a rather balanced “spice” to a space. These are the reds of my room:

What Should I Do with My Life?

Reds of my Room 1

Bored by having no obligations before I started reviewing for the board exam, this book caught my attention as I was perusing Fully Booked one rainy day. It is a compilation of short stories of people who are still seeking their passions in life, of people who have just started living their passions, of people who are still struggling between obligations and dreams, of people who knew right away what they wanted to do and started living their dreams at an early age, and everyone in-between.

Although the content is very interesting, I haven’t finished reading it—yet. A few days ago, I realized it was the raging red of the book’s cover that attracted me to purchase it. And alright, the title is catchy, isn’t it? I mean, What Should I Do with My Life?

Red Dala Horse

Reds of my Room 3

I was on a hunt for Swedish dala horses last time I visited Scandinavia, but couldn’t find any in 2 months’ time. Then to my surprise, two Swede friends had one at their place here in Manila, and decided to give it to me in the condition that I take well care of it. I couldn’t stop thanking them!

3-Pound Bells-for-the-Dumb?

Reds of my Room 2

Yes, I work out in my room! I do 20-minute workout sessions to Jillian Michael’s 30-day shred workout routine. Since the review started, I haven’t had the time to box at Elorde, so I try to get into the routine of working out at home (again).

I find it important to be healthy and fit. Regular exercise comes with many benefits: It releases endorphins in your body, creating a feeling of wellness and happiness. Exercise is the ultimate mood-booster! It also increases energy and helps you get better sleep. I find that having a healthy lifestyle plays a huge role in quality living.

Parlez-Vous Français?

Reds of my Room 4

I took up French in Norway for a year. I felt I shouldn’t let it go to waste, so I bought French books which came with audio CDs. It is extremely hard to learn a language when you don’t have people to practice with though, so for now, I let it go. But I do hope to master it one day.

Jacksoning it Up!

Reds of my Room 6

Here’s a red Michael Jackson jacket I bought two years ago to wear on Norway’s independence day. The color red really does scream for attention; every time I wear it, people stare at the jacket. And pairing this with these killer heels I received as pasalubong from a good friend of mine, does make a bold statement:

Reds of my Room 5

What are the reds of your personal space?

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