Renewed Cabinet Doors

June 29, 2012

Renewed Cabinet Doors

Finally, I did something about my fugly cabinet doors.

The last time they were painted, the painters were smart enough not to remove the hardware, so when the handles finally decided to break apart, they left ugly blue marks on my cabinet doors!

Always, always, remove hardware before painting something!

Gypsum Putty

Since the previous handles were longer than the handles I bought, I had to find a way to cover up the holes. Then look what I found: Gypsum putty! 😀

This was definitely way better than the mix I made out of glue and wood shavings, lol! Ideally, wood shavings and glue mixed should go for wooden surfaces, and gypsum putty for concrete, but this had to do.

Cabinet Handles Steps

Once the putty was dry, I sanded it off with sandpaper to make the surface smooth, ready for paint!

Door Handles Needs

I measured the height of where I wanted to drill holes for the new handles, and marked it with a pencil.

I bought these cabinet door handles in Ace Hardware for ₱ 94.75 ($ 2.24) each. The screws came with the handles.

Paint and Voila!

I also marked the lines of where the paint would go.

Door Handles Before and After

What a transformation, eh? I love paint! 😀

Total Cost: ₱  189.50  / $ 4.48

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