Snapshots From My Week in Barcelona

August 16, 2013

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How’s your week been so far? Mine’s been a very relaxing one, spent in Barcelona from Monday to Thursday with two friends. We arrived last night back here in ol’ Andorra, and today’s going to be spent tidying up the apartment we’re staying in ’cause guess what! BZ and I are finally off to France on Sunday early, early morning!

As you already know, we’re going to stay for a week in Domaine de Boisbuchet, a place known for holding international design and architectural workshops every summer. Mind you, we’ve never been to France before, so guess how excited I am! And the fact that I’ll be spending a whole week with BZ in what looks like a castle, attending workshop sessions during the day, and cozy dinners with him every night, is just bliss.

After a week spent there, we’re spending three whole days in Paris! It’ll be our three last days in Europe. Would there be any better way to spend them? And then finally, we’ll be off to the opposite side of the globe—Australia. I can’t wait to finally settle down. BZ and I are done talking about it; it’s about time it happens!

I can’t wait to see the art scene in Perth, just to get an idea of what’s already there. I can’t wait to be normal again, a local who knows where to go for what. I can’t wait to see BZ reunite with his family again. And I seriously can’t wait to start working out again! But most of all, I can’t wait to start on my dreams. ♥


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