The Louvre Musuem

September 6, 2013

Louvre Museum 2

The Louvre Museum was, by far, where we had our best time in Paris! It is definitely a must-see when you’re there. We were told there was no way to see it all in a day, so BZ and I planned our route once we had purchased our tickets. They have plans of everything you can see, so we agreed to see the ancient Greek sculptures, the Egyptian antiquities and the Mona Lisa.

Louvre Museum 1

It was quite unbelievable to see in person some of the sculptures we learned about in school back when I studied interior design. Psyche and Cupid by Antonio Canova (the photo to the left above) was my absolute favorite. Perhaps it was because of the love myth behind it, told so vividly and animately by our good ol’ professor, Sir Jie. The Winged Victory of Samothrace (also known as Nike the goddess of victory), was also a great sight, and an intimidating one at that, standing 9 feet tall on a pedestal of about the same height!

Louvre Museum 5

I loved how detailed and intricate the interior of the Louvre was, which was once a palace. Gilded ornamentation graced most walls and ceilings, giving a lofty air of extravagance and reverence.

Louvre Museum 3 Louvre Museum 4 Louvre Museum 7

After about an hour, we finally came to the Egyptian Antiquities, which BZ looked forward to the most. In that section, they had everything from columns to sculptures to decorative arts to mummies to furniture! It was overwhelming to see it all, really. They just have way too much to showcase, so you really have to choose what you want to spend time on to appreciate.

Louvre Museum 6

{ The Sphinx & An Egyptian Chair }

Louvre Museum 8

Seeing a real mummy did it for us! This was BZ’s all time favorite. It was quite unbelievable standing next to a corpse that was thousands of years old. It was a little eerie, but an unforgettable experience definitely!

Louvre Museum 9

Louvre Museum 10

After seeing the Egyptian antiquities, we went out for lunch, not knowing what we wanted to see next. Once full and satisfied with dessert and all, we went back to see the Islamic artifacts, which was quite inspiring to me. I just love how they loved the color turquoise back in the day. ♥

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