Day Three in Bergen

June 10, 2013

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While our Saturday was spent fishing, our Sunday was spent walking over three mountains surrounding Bergen—Ulriken, the highest mountain in Bergen, onto Runde Mannen, then ended up in Fløyen. We walked a total of 5 hours and 45 minutes, 18.27 KM, so guess if we took the cable car down! We we’re drained. But it felt so good once the walk was over, and I’m glad BZ got to experience the culture of Norway some more, and more so to see the whole city from an amazing view.

Today, we’re just going to relax. We’re going to take advantage of the sunny weather and we’re going to walk to the beach nearby and grill with my brother, who’s skipped school just to come with. It’ll be such a good day! I hope you’re having a wonderful Monday so far. ♥

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