Whites and Bricks

October 8, 2013

Let me show off another Scandinavian interior! This one’s an apartment for sale on Stadshem—they seriously feature some beautiful Scandinavian homes over there! For some reason, the kitchens and bathrooms of most of their homes look alike, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they had their own interior designer to spruce up the homes before they put them up for sale. Anyway, I chose this apartment for its beautiful kitchen! It is definitely the heart of this home!

Whites & Bricks 1

Whites & Bricks 2

I find that the juxtaposition of the rustic brick walls against the sleek whites is done brilliantly! And a separate counter for the stove is quite unique, isn’t it? I just really love the Scandinavian design style for its simplicity and honoring the old, and letting the imperfect stay imperfect, proving that imperfection is okay, and when styled properly, it can be beautiful in its own way.

Whites & Bricks 3

You can never go wrong with black and white. Know that saying—black and white is always right? Well, I totally agree! And notice the concrete benchtops? They’re definitely a much more inexpensive material to natural stone. After some research, I’ve learned that it is dependent on the quality of wax and sealer you use that makes the difference to whether they’re worth it or not. Otherwise, they stain too easily, which turns out to be more expensive in the long run due to maintenance.

Whites & Bricks 4 Whites & Bricks 5 Whites & Bricks 6 Whites & Bricks 7

The kitchen is to the right of the main entrance—already showcasing the feature of this tiny one-bedroom apartment. Behind the kitchen is the living room, followed by the bedroom. (The bathroom’s to the left of the main entrance. Imagine going all the way there when you need to pee in the middle of the night!)

Whites & Bricks 8

{ Left: The breakfast nook viewed from the sofa
Right: A built-in shelving system beside the leather lounge chair }

Whites & Bricks 9

I’m sure the living room would’ve looked more warm and inviting had they turned on the lamp by the shelves and the floor lamp beside the lounge chair. But an eye-catching artwork behind the floor lamp would’ve finished it beautifully.

Whites & Bricks 10

And then we come into the bedroom. I love the layers on the bed—they scream, Come hither! And ooo I wonder what it would look like with the Christmas-like lights turned on! I would definitely not mind a bedroom styled like this! But it would need a touch of femininity, though. ♡

Whites & Bricks 11 Whites & Bricks 12

To see more photos of this apartment and its floorplan, check out the { source }

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